The power of curation for building an audience


Prof. Sturg says it well.

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I read a lot. In fact, most days, the first thing I do in the morning is head to the computer to check out what good ideas other people have come up with that people who follow me on social media or here might be interested in. I pick and share the best, and that, in a nutshell, is curation. Here’s what I told my students about it:

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Be curious in as you stalk feature ideas

936697_10152369724728806_5439112501773329663_nDr. Stephanie Renzo Bennett is a well-known academic at Palm Beach Atlantic University and equally-savvy cook in West Palm Beach. This week she prepared a meal using a bumper crop of zucchini.” Add some portabello mushrooms, cheddar cheese, basil, a bit of onion and parsley and — voila! You’ve got a low-carb dinner awaiting you after a long day at work,” said said. “I’ll take eggs over meat any day!


After eating their fill of fried zucchini and zucchini bread, what else do gardeners do with all that abundance? (Write about it.) P. 100 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

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What is the most common place name in the United States? (Write about it!)


I know of only one West Palm Beach in the nation. What about your city? Do other areas share the same name?

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Do you have a common name? I do. Michael Smith leads the pack of most common names. What about your area? Is your city or county have a namesake across the nation? According to the U.S. Post Office, the list of most common city names begins with Greenville.

The most popular name for a counties in the United State is Washington with 31 areas following by Jefferson County at 26 and Franklin County in a close 25 including Franklin County, Pa., home of the stellar Public Opinion newspaper where many eager reporters began a career in journalism.

Become an armchair traveler and explore towns with the same name, p…

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